Methodological Resources

AAPOR Webinar Series

The Survey Lab has partnered with the University of Chicago Library to provide access to a series ofwebinars hosted by the American Association for Public Opinion Research. The webinars are lectures on important methodological issues and cutting-edge research by respected leaders in public opinion and survey research. Click here to access the webinars from the Library's website (on campus or via proxy only).

We also hosts viewings of the live webinars with Survey Lab staff present to answer questions and discuss afterward. Attendance is free. We publicize the viewings through departmental listhosts in the Social Sciences.

"What is a Survey" and other guidelines for best practices in survey research

"What is a Survey" (click here) is a informative booklet written primarily for nonspecialists. It provides a great overview of the major considerations for any survey project.

AAPOR provides a step-by-step list of Best Practices for Survey Research (click here).  We also recommend AAPOR's Code of Professional Ethics (click here) and Standard Definitions (click here). Browse the Standards and Ethics section of their website for more helpful information.

The Cross-Cultural Survey Guidlines (click here) by the Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, is a go-to resource for a walk-through of operational steps and considerations for putting together a data collection effort anywhere in the world

Materials developed at the Lab

The Survey Lab is pleased to share methodological reference material with other researchers and trainers.  Most materials available here assume prior methods experience and knowledge, and they are not meant to provide basic education in research methodology, but instead to supplement existing practices and add to the resources openly available to researchers.  

Use the menu on the left to see available resources.  Feedback is helpful and we encourage you to contact us with thoughts on how to improve any of these resources.