Properly tracking and coding case eligibility is often imperative to calculating the response rate for a survey.  These materials were developed at the Survey Lab to help explain to students and researchers the ways in which eligibility works in general.

Eligibility Flow Charts

Click here for a pdf with flow charts describing patterns that cases should follow in determining their eligibility for research. The concepts provided may be useful in designing and programming your research instrument and recruitment efforts to properly capture the eligibility status of each case at each attempt.

RDD Eligibility Venn Diagram

Click here for a Venn diagram that shows all of the major categories of eligibility to consider when conducting a survey of individuals using an RDD sample. It assumes a starting point of unknown eligibility for all cases, with smaller sections indicating more specific eligibility categories determined through call attempts. The diagram may be helpful in understanding how different concepts associated with eligibility are related and overlap when using an RDD frame.