Developing a research question and research design

Your research question drives your research design.  But narrowing your topic of interest to a focused question can prove quite challenging.  We help refine your question and make choices about the type of data to collect and how to collect it.

All research designs involve trade-offs. The Survey Lab provides consultation to help you set priorities.  We can offer advice about where to expend limited resources to the greatest advantage.

Questionnaire design

The Survey Lab provides consultation to help you develop a high-quality, engaging survey instrument.  Strong methodological principles should guide the construction of individual questions and overall design of your instrument. We help author new questions, review existing surveys, format for paper administration, program online questionnaires, and perform pre-tests or more extensive cognitive testing of particular questions. 

Coaching you through your own survey

Running a successful survey project requires attention to a number of details that, when missed, threaten the quality of your data and your ability to stay on budget. We advise and assist on any aspect of survey operations, such as printing and distribution, receipt control, data entry, interviewer training and supervision.